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1010 Fellowship

Join the 1010 Fellowship and Double the Blessings!

The warmth of community, the power of faith, and the joy of service – these are the blessings we share within the walls of Christus Victor at 1010 S. Lumpkin Street. As a cherished supporter, you help touch the lives of countless college students during their transformative years in the UGA community. Now more than ever, your prayers and financial contributions are crucial for the continuance of the ministry you hold dear.

In the same spirit of fellowship that has nurtured so many, we’re excited to introduce the 1010 Fellowship – a new way for you to deepen your commitment to our shared mission and amplify your impact on the student community we serve together.

The concept is simple, rooted in a place we all hold dear: for a monthly pledge of just $10, you can play a pivotal role in sustaining and growing the good works that flow from our home at 1010 S. Lumpkin Street. These contributions are seeds sown in faith, which will grow into a bountiful harvest of blessings.

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Double the Blessings

During Promotional Periods, the impact of your gift will be immediately doubled, thanks to a monthly matching commitment from fellow supporters of our ministry. With their match, your monthly gift of $10 becomes $20, ensuring that our programs continue to flourish.

Don’t miss out on the active Promotional Period, available from the 1st of February to the 30th of April, 2024. We invite you to participate at the earliest to ensure your contribution has the greatest impact.

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By joining the 1010 Fellowship, your gifts will help support:

Student Ministry

Expand our student ministry programs, offering spiritual guidance, community service opportunities, and a welcoming space for fellowship.


Provide resources for Bible study groups, retreats, and workshops to support the growth and spiritual well-being of our college community.


Maintain and enhance our church facilities to create a haven for worship, reflection, and connection for all who walk through our doors.

Join the 1010 Fellowship

Our mission goes beyond the here and now; it’s about planting seeds of compassion, wisdom, and faith that will mature in the hearts of young people to transform the world in God’s love.

Taking part in the 1010 Fellowship is an act of faith that reaches into the future, extending love and support to the next generation in their journey with Christ.  Your support is more than a donation; it is a testament to the transformative power of our loving community.

We are profoundly grateful for your consideration of this opportunity to make a difference. Remember, “Every good and perfect gift is from above…” (James 1:17), and your continued generosity is undoubtedly one of those blessings.

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First Time open_in_new

What to expect at a typical service, Bible study, student fellowship, and how to get involved in our community. We would love to welcome you soon!

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Miss the service this week? Keep up with the season and hear the uplifting message of Christ as we continue to grow in our life of faith.

Partner With Us open_in_new

Partner with us through prayer, volunteering, or donations. You can fill out our Time and Talents form to get involved in a personal way.

Student Nights open_in_new

Student Nights are each Sunday at 6pm. We begin with a meal and then follow with a Bible study or devotion and time together/game. It is a great opportunity to get to know one another and grow in the faith together.

Join Us for Worship and Learning Opportunities


10:30 AM

Traditional worship with Holy Communion


9:00 AM

Come early on Sunday for Education Hour


7:00 PM Tuesday

Join the Midweek Bible study


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